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Here are the instructions we give new scorekeepers.  We still collect the
data on paper and have only a couple of scorers each year who actually
access Sailwave.  We are also using 1.57.
Creating a series file in Sailwave
The easiest way to create a file for a new series in Sailwave is to take and
hold a file from a previous series say that with a new name, clear the old
race results, and use that new file for the new series.
To set up a new series:
1. Click file plus Open Series to open a previous series
2. Click File plus Save Series as the new series name
3. Click Edit plus Clear Results for All Races
4. Click Yes
5. Click Yes
6. Right click in the column for the first race
7. Select the details tab and change the race name as appropriate
8. Repeat steps six and seven for all races
9. click Edit plus Series Properties
10. Change the name of the series
11. Click File plus Save series
Entering race results in Sailwave
Once you have created a new series file you can enter the results of the
first race.
First set up the race distances for each fleet
1. Click file plus Open Series to open the series
2. Click edit plus fleets
3. Double click on a fleet
4. Click the radio button for use these rates distances
5. Enter the race distances as a series of numbers separated by a
comma.  For example, if race one is 7.2 miles and race two is 5.6 miles
enter 7.2,5.6
6. Repeat steps three through five for each PHRF fleet
7. Click OK
Now set up the start time for each fleet
1. Click on that column for the race you are entering then click edit
plus race
2. Select the starts tab and double click the first fleet ( if there
are no fleets, click new)
3. Set the first line in the starts window to read fleet = PHRFA
4. Set the start time as appropriate.  Usually, the start time for the
first fleet will read 1.05.00
5. Set finishes will be recorded as to finish time
6. Click OK
7. Repeat steps nine through thirteen until every fleet has a start
time set up
Now you're ready to enter the sail numbers and finish times for each racer.

To do this use the sail number wizard. If all fleets sailed the same race
for example C2, you can enter the results in any order by simply entering
the sail number and finish time from the scoring worksheet. If different
fleets were sailing different races, You'll have to open the Sail Num
Wizard, enter all the boats from a single fleet, close the Sail Num Wizard
and repeat the process for the next fleet.
1. Start by clicking Sail Num wizard
2. Set the race number for the first fleet.  For example, if you're
scoring race A1 set the race number to 1. If you're scoring race B3, set the
race number to 3.
3. Click Next or press enter
4. Type in the sail number of the a boat
5. Click Next or press enter
6. Make sure the radio button is set to start time and finish time or
retirement code
7. Type in the finish time for that boat. The easiest format to use for
finish time is, for example 2.27.45
8. Click finish or press enter
9. Repeat steps four through eight
10. Close the Sail Num Wizard by clicking on the X in the upper right
hand corner
11. Repeat steps one through ten for any fleets sailing a different race
Now you're ready to score the races
1. Be careful NOT to click on the Score button
2. Click on Score Fleets
Now you're ready to publish the race results to the CYC web site
1. Click Publish plus Results
2. Set the title to "Preliminary Results" or "Final Results" as
3. Select Publish Series Summary, All Fleets, All Sailed Races, and
Include Corrected Times
4. Click Next
5. Set the Pick Destination radio button  to To a. Web Page and Upload
to a Web Site Using FTP
6. Set the domain to <>
       for Moss Seilforening -  skal du benytte web for å lagre data (IKKE
                     for Global options - FTP - FTP port 21 og merk: Use passive transfers
              se her:    
           etter publisering ligger det her:
7. Set the user
8. Set the password
9. Set the file name to public_html/race/2004resultsa.htm
The file names for each series are as follows:
A Series - 2004resultsa.htm
B Series - 2004resultsb.htm
C Series - 2004resultsc.htm
D Series - 2004resultsd.htm
Holiday Series - 2004resultshol.htm
Home Series - 2004resultshom.htm
Skipper/Crew - 2004resultssc.htm
Single Handed Race - 2004resultshr.htm
Chelsea Dinks - 2004resultsdinks.htm
Ladies Day Races - 2004resultsl.htm
10. Click publish
11. Click OK
12. Click OK
13. Click OK
Now you're ready to publish the results to paper to be posted on the
bulletin board

1. Click Publish plus Results that
2. Change the Fleets setting to Just This Fleet
3. Set the appropriate fleet
4. Click Next
5. Set the Pick Destination radio button  to To Your Default Internet
6. Click Publish
7. A window will open in your internet browser and you can edit or
print the results
8. Go back to the Sailwave window and repeat steps one through seven
for each fleet.
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Subject: [sailwave] Documentation - any available for ROs? If not, I'm about
to start some...!
Hi all,
I've been asked to put together some documentation for our ROs, so
that they can start using Sailwave.
Has anyone done any documentation for Sailwave yet?  (Apart from the
If not, I'm happy to turn this into a proper help/documentation
project for the system for general use in the Sailwave community.
I'm intending to write it in DocBook, so we can generate HTML,
HTMLHELP, and PDF versions.
I'll be basing it on 1.57, as this is what we're using at our club.


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